I’m building a shed!

24 02 2009

Hi everyone,

This is the start to my blog, thanks to my cuz Nathan for prompting me to start one, to track the progress of the straw bale shed I am going to be building mid March, mostly during the week of KU spring break March 16-20. That is less than a month from now! I am super excited because it is my first construction project and I hope the start to more.

If you are interested, you should browse this site. If not, that is cool too, you don’t need to read all the mumbo jumbo, but you should still look at the photos, which give an idea of what it is all going to look like!

*NOTE, if you are interested in doing photography for my project take a look at the Get Involved link for more info.

So….What am I doing exactly?

Since summer I have been researching an interest in ‘sustainable’ architecture. I discovered straw bale construction and after reading a book about it and studying various websites on the subject, I am completely sold and ready to try my hand at it. I currently live at Phil and Ilene Beard’s house in Lawrence. Phil has an old rusted 7×9 tin shed out back that he had told me last summer he planned to replace. I kept that in mind as I learned about straw bale building and decided building a shed would be the perfect start up project to learn the basics of this building technique. Phil agreed to fund my enthusiasm as I will produce for him a sturdy luxurious shed compared to his decaying metal one

How easy is it going to be?

Thats what I am going to find out soon enough, but it is presented as an ‘anyone can do it’ construction technique! So hopefully I fall into the category of ‘anyone’. Make sure to check out the Get Involved tab to see how you can help with my project too!




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