Day 2: Whoa…building the footing and foundation

15 03 2009

A lot of work went into today!

I think everyone is going to be quite sore from this day.  Rick arrived at 8am as he had said.  I am impressed with Ricks punctuality and enthusiasm as a volunteer…sadly I left Rick there alone for a while cuz I had to go pick up another load of sand and so he stayed behind working on digging out the footing drain and laying the first gravel into the trench.  When I finally got back with the sand, Doug and my dad and Phil had joined Rick and they were working on cutting down the tree that we had done a good job killing off last week by cutting through all its roots! That was pretty cool to see the men bring that whole tree down and cut it up and all.  I got it on video 🙂 I will try to post it if I can figure that out.

The rest of the day we spent filling the trench with gravel, stomping around on it like a little parade, mixing cement, laying stones, jana criticizing the boys for ‘badly’ laying stones and so taking over stone laying with Molly alone (we modified that a little later and became more efficient), and to finish the day we set the screws in for the door buck.  We did a lot, and filled up the whole trench.  Now we still need to bring the mortared stone up about six inches above ground and we will be ready to move on.  Hopefully we will be able to do that tomorrow! We will see.

Take a look at today’s progress below!

p3030010 p3030003 p3030005 p3030008 p3030009 p30300051 p3030001




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