Day 3, 4, and 5: Finishing the Stone Foundation….ughh, finally.

18 03 2009

We kept working on the foundation Sunday…then Monday…then Tuesday. It takes a long time to hand sculpt a stone foundation, especially with few or 2 people. Thanks Rick!!!! It would have been unbearable alone.

But we did it! We finished! I didn’t get any pictures Sunday or Monday…it just didn’t seem worth stopping work, cleaning my hands, and taking a picture. But I got a picture of the end product! And of Rick and his brother Steve who were my more than amazing volunteers.

I do believe this was the most grueling part of the process…mixing lots of concrete, carrying rocks, and fitting them together like puzzle pieces, while trying to get the right height and width. Man am I sore, as is everyone else who had a hand in this. But it looks amazing! I am very pleased with the foundation and am excited to build the walls on it 🙂

Steve and Rick...awesome

Steve and Rick...awesome

Steve, Rick, Jana

Steve, Rick, Jana






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