Get Involved

What can YOU do? Help me! ….

I need lots of people to help with digging footing and building foundation!

I need lots of people to help with plastering walls! “raising the walls”

and I also need some people to help with everything else.

SO…if you are interested in participating in my project, HERE ARE YOUR OPTIONS….

1 — just come to 735 Illinois St., Lawrence KS anytime during my construction schedule and jump in for however long or short you want


2 — let me know
A) What days and times you would like or are available to come help?
B) Which part of the process you would really like to help with out of interest or experience/skills?
(ie, you’ve built a roof before and may be really helpful for that specific part)


3 — PROJECT PHOTOGRAPHER – if you don’t want to get your hands dirty and want to be involved, THIS is the job for you. Let me know if that is you and what times you will be available so I can plan on you…no camera needed, i have one.

4 — Needs…

I am buying many of my materials at Habitat Restore, Local businesses, and even Home Depot on an optimistic budget. I’m happy to buy what I need to buy BUT if any of you would be or know of people who would be interested/willing to donate, get rid of, or could sell at low cost any of the following materials to my project who are relatively close to Lawrence, please let me know!

1) tin roof sheeting
2) big plastic water jugs (like office water jugs)…or other durable plastic jugs…or big glass jugs/bottlesNEED TO BORROW FROM SOMEONE
3) large tarps…old tarps…any tarps, need tarps 🙂

One response

4 03 2009

we have some tarps you can use if you like.

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