Proj Schedule

note: this schedule could change depending on how long things actually take to finish, and if weather causes problems…but optimistically, the schedule below is the plan

updated Shed Construction Schedule:
(Hours being something like 8am – 6pm)

Present until March 14 — gathering materials, buy, find, load, unload, etc

Saturday March 7 — dug footing

Sunday March 8 — rain

Monday March 9 –rain


Saturday March 14 — build stone foundation

Sunday March 15 — build foundation

Monday March 16 — build foundation

Tuesday March 17 — finish foundation

Wednesday March 18 — let foundation dry, build the door buck and roof plate

Thursday March 19 — ‘raise’ the walls and set roof plate on top, compress, haul in clay!, start pony wall and roof

Friday March 20 — build pony wall and roof, plaster seams, install bottle windows
Saturday March 21 — plaster
Sunday March 22 — plaster, prepare floor(tamped gravel and sand layers), mix plaster for adobe floor

Wednesday March 25 — 2nd layer plaster
Next weeks — letting plaster dry, pour/lay floor — finishing floor, other odds and ends

One response

4 03 2009

jana, i have a truck that can be used if you want. it is a 3/4 ton, so it can handle rock weight with no issue.

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